Robot 2.0 Movies 2018 Review, Box Office Collection, News And Rating

Robot 2.0 Movies 2018 Review, Box Office Collection, News, And Rating also available in an indiaTrends site, this movie is provided by Lyca Production.

Robot 2.0 Movies Short Story:- 

Robot 2.0 Movies is about to be released on April 27, 2018. These movies are making the famous director Shankar of South. 2.0 Movies is based on fiction. Robot 2.0 is the second part of Robot's release in 2010, in which Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar are coming together on a cinema screen. Akshay Kumar has taken 80 crore rupees for this movie. First time Robot 2.0 movies have been shot in 3d in India. In this movie there is an angle positive and angle negative roll, to know if you want to see these movies.
“If you have seen the making videos of 2.0, you already must have got a sense of what the film has to offer. But wait till you watch the trailer and the film, to actually live the experience of all that went into making 2.0 a technically superior film, better than anything we have seen so far in Indian cinema.”

Robot 2.0 Movies Rating:-

4.2/5 IMDb

Director: S. Shankar

Writer: Jayamohan, S. Shankar

Music: A.R.Rahman

Hit Song Name: No Song Release Only Music Release

Actress: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

Release Date: 27 April 2018

Country: India

Production House: Dakshaa, Lyca Productions

Languages: Tamil | Telugu | Hindi

Box Office Income: No income

Budget: $73,200,000 (estimated)

Movies Runtime: 140 min

Genres: Action | Sci-Fi

Robot 2.0 User Review :

1.It's wrong to judge before the release of film and trailer. The team is working with international standards. Even in enthiran itself, Shankar had done a great job in action sequences. Hope we can expect a better treat in 2.0

2.No idea since I haven’t seen it.
But surely they are going to be better than any of the other shitty techno- Indian movies.
Although I hope they would match the VFX of some of the good Hollywood movies.

3. Yes, definitely Rajnikanth Sir is a part of Robot 2.0. Also, we will be watching the "Khiladi" of Bollywood i.e. Akshay Kumar as the villain in the movie.

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